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  • Mark Farrar

    Mark Farrar

    Former IT professional turned writer, I write about personal and travel experiences, and both flash fiction and haiku. Founder of https://SelfHelpNirvana.com/

  • Catherine J. Clark

    Catherine J. Clark

    I mostly write — and read — short fiction, although I’ve somehow stumbled into poetry too.

  • Devés Dyson

    Devés Dyson

    Science Fiction Writer

  • Jen Maidenberg

    Jen Maidenberg

    Healthfully obsessed with dreams, time, music, memory, & love. patreon.com/jenmaidenberg // Insta @activedreamr

  • Teresa Grabs

    Teresa Grabs

    Editor, writer, reader. I write short fiction and the occasional nonfiction piece. Ace & Enby. They/them. https://thewordcubby.com

  • Donal Greigh

    Donal Greigh

    Writer of Fiction. True Crime aficionado. Founder of The Greigh Area and Editor of The Short Place. donalgreigh@gmail.com

  • Dr. Tom Frieden

    Dr. Tom Frieden

    President and CEO, Resolve to Save Lives | Former CDC Director and NYC Health Commissioner | Focused on saving lives. twitter.com/drtomfrieden

  • Diane Neill Tincher

    Diane Neill Tincher

    A resident of Japan since 1987, I am passionate about learning, history, and the beauty of the countryside. https://www.instagram.com/dianejapan

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