Patience is the most powerful force on earth

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For my first post on Medium, I thought I’d thought I would share a science fiction story that originally appeared on Paragraph Planet, which publishes fiction that is exactly seventy-five words long. The Power of Patience is now seven words longer; please enjoy these additional words.

No longer unnerved by the skyscrapers surrounding his wooden house, James settled into his couch for a beer, as he did every night. Years ago, when he refused to sell the house in which his family had lived for generations, James had resigned himself to a deathbed view of steel, glass and shadows. He didn’t understand why, but a century later James knew that all he needed was patience, and the towering buildings would eventually crumble into dust.

An American writer in Japan, editor of The Binge-Watching Cure books, author of the bestselling book, Outwitting Squirrels. Occasional pilot, 24/7 cat owner.

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